Feminine Jewelry for the Weekend: Bow Bracelets

It's the weekend.  It's time to have fun, relax and make your style effortless.  No matter if you are sitting poolside, going on a hike or dancing the night away, having accessories to go along with you will make your journey even sweeter.  That is why the Tyelet bow bracelet collection is the perfect way to make your style feminine and weekend-friendly.  This collection of feminine jewelry is designed to go with you wherever your heart takes you.  Simply slip these onto your wrists and let your journey begin.  Here are a few bow bracelets that you will want to wear every weekend:


Take a little retro statement with you wherever you go with the Pinup Tyelet bow bracelet!  This beautifully feminine bracelet features a pin-dotted pattern with a petite handcrafted tye that sits on the top of your wrist for a feminine finish.  Wear this pinup-inspired bracelet with you on a date, running errands or just when you need a feminine accessory to complete your look!  This bow bracelet is available in pink, white and black.


Make your mark with this irresistibly feminine bow bracelet designed to elevate your wrist game.  No matter what you are doing this weekend, the Hickey bow bracelet is so versatile and so feminine, you might not want to take it off!  This bow bracelet make the perfect gift to someone special or your daily feminine accessory!  The Hickey Tyelet bow bracelet features a handcrafted satin tye and a satin wristband that is comfortable to wear all weekend long. 


If you have a special event this weekend, let the Majesty bow bracelet go with you!  This unique and feminine hand chain features a soft organza tye and lead-free chain that encircles around the middle finger for a feminine finish.  Wear this feminine hand chain on a first date, dancing the night away or in your boudoir.  Make your weekend sweeter.