Feminine Prowess: High Heel and Shoe Accessories

Have you ever walked with a book on your head to keep your posture in check?  Or pretending your were walking down the runway like Victoria's Secret models?  How you walk can say a lot about you.  If your shoulders are back and you are carefully balancing each step with independence and confidence, you will create an aura that attracts attention and respect.  There are plenty of ways you can work on creating a confident walk like stepping with each foot exactly in front of the other or creating the perfect pose at the end of each series of steps.  So why not accessorize your strut with the Heeltye heel shoe accessories collection!  These flirtatious accents can be worn around your heels, your ankles or even your calves for a finish that is flawlessly feminine.  Here is a look at a few items in the collection:


Make each step count with the flirtatiously feminine heel shoe accessories from the FaireFox Collection!  This collection of shoe accessories is designed to instantly transform any pair of heels.  The FaireFox shoe accessories feature a picot-trimmed elastic and handcrafted satin tye to create a look that is undeniably feminine and beautifully versatile.  Wear these flirty and feminine accessories around your heels, ankles or calves!


Kiss your feet with the sweetest of accents in the Hickey Heeltye shoe accessories! These simplistically sweet and beautifully versatile heel accessories are perfect to wear for any occasion!  Wear them around your ankles, heels or calves for a flawlessly feminine finish.  The Hickey heeltye shoe accessories feature a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic band to make accessorizing flirty and feminine. 


Be the lady that you are with these irresistibly feminine shoe accessories from the Lady Collection!  Intricately detailed elastic encircle the heel, ankle or calves to create a statement that is unique and feminine.  Wear these flirty shoe accessories wherever this world takes you!