Flirt Without A Word: Feminine Jewelry & Accessories

Whether it's a first date, your 25th wedding anniversary or because you are flying solo and want to treat yourself to something, having an assortment of feminine jewelry in your accessory wardrobe is a flirtatious and smart move.  What we wear says a lot about us, even if we don't notice it at all.  Others will.  That is why it is so important to select jewelry, accessories and intimates that make a statement without saying a thing.  Here are a few pieces from various collections that would make a beautifully feminine and delicately flirtatious statement in your look:


This ultra-feminine and undeniably beautiful lace choker from the Chantilly Collection is designed to highlight your style with flirtation.  Make a statement without saying a word in this pink and black choker that integrates well with any evening or boudoir look.  Two beautiful handcrafted satin tyes highlight the back of the neck to add a component of curiously and designer detail.  Perfect to wear when your hair is up and you are ready to take on the world.


Make your style sparkle with sweet femininity in this ultra-feminine accessory that is so versatile and so feminine you might not want to take it off!  Radiate rhinestone mesh encircles the waist while a handcrafted satin tye accents the front of the belt.  A soft elastic strap adjusts so it will easily accommodate most sizes.  Wear it low around your waist or high like an empress, this bow belt from the Princesa Collection is designed to flirt and make your look seductively feminine.


Add a touch of undeniable flirtation and luxury with this beautifully handcrafted body chain from the Centerfold Collection!  Luxurious glass pearls cascade down the center of the torso and meets a beautiful and bold tye.  Wear this flirty body chain with your favorite business suit, cocktail dress or perhaps, with nothing at all:)