For Your Highness ūüéÄ A Collection of Lingerie Accessories

Style is contagious.  Have you ever seen someone walking down the street with such an amazing style that you wanted to emulate it?  Or have you been next to someone and loved an article of clothing that they had?  That is the inspiration behind the Highness Collection.  Designed to be sought after, this 6-piece collection of handcrafted lingerie and feminine accessories is for the discerning fashionista that loves accessorizing.  From sensual leg garters to versatile headbands, the Highness Collection is perfect for any occasion and will go with you wherever you go.  Enjoy accessorizing in new ways with this flirty and feminine collection designed to bring out the royalty in you!  Discover the Highness Collection and consider adding them to your accessorizing strategy.  Here are the 6 pieces that you can love and wear them over and over again:

Highness Lingerie Accessories

Sensual Lingerie Leg Garters | Highness Leg Garters 

Treat your thighs to something classic. And something unexpected.  The Highness leg garters are designed to define your curves with sweet sensuality.  Wear these under a short skirt, over leggings or with whatever your heart desires.

Lingerie Jewelry | Highness Bow Bracelet 

Designed to bring out the flirt in you, this ultra-feminine bow bracelet is designed to go with you wherever you go!  This lingerie-inspired bracelet is designed with a layered tye that will be a classic hit in your jewelry box!

Feminine Hair Accessories | Highness Black Bow Headband

Make any hairstyle emit elegance and style with this petite black bow headband that you can wear anywhere your heart desires!  This handcrafted black bow headband is the perfect way to top of an updo, ponytail or with your hair down.

Shoe Bows | Feminine Heel Accessories

Delight each step with femininity and elegance in these must-have accessories that will make each step even sweeter.  A soft elastic band encircles both feet, ankles or even your calves for a sweet and feminine finish.

Highness Ringtye | Feminine Black Bow Ring 

Flirt with style in this bold black bow ring that will make everything you touch a little sweeter.  The Highness black bow ring features a layered black bow ring with an adjustable ring band that allows you to wear it on any finger you want!

Black Bow Belt | Classic Feminine Accessories 

Accessorizing has never been so effortless with this classic and feminine black bow belt that you can wear with whatever your heart desires!  This bow belt features a soft satin tye and adjustable belt that you can wear to the front, back or side!

love, tara