Functional Femininity with Heeltyes Heel Straps

Every step you take. Every move you make. You'll be watching your...heels? Because sometimes they slip and other times they move. And sometimes they may just fall off. That's when you need to strap it on with the Heeltyes Collection of heel straps. These feminine, flirty and functional heel straps are designed to make your heels look cute while helping them stay in place. Not only can they we worn around the heels, they can also be worn as anklets and calve garters making them unique and irresistibly feminine. Read on to discover three of our favorite heeltyes designed to like up every step you take with flirtation, funcationality and femininity.

Doll Pink Heel Accessories

You doll you. Flirt with each step you take in these wispy and sweet heel straps from the Doll Collection. These flirty and femininity heel straps feature handcrafted satin tyes and long wispy tails that celebrate each move you make. Soft elastic straps make them comfortable to wear all day and all night. Enjoy accessorizing your favorite heels, sandals or wear them with just bare feet. No matter what you where them with, take sweet femininity with you everywhere.

XO Black Heel Accessories 

Kiss each step you take with the heeltyes heel straps from the XO Collection. These flirty and bold heel straps are a beautiful accent to your favorite heels, sandals or even with some tennies!! Wear them around your heels, your calves or wear them as anklets. Take femininity sweetness with you everywhere in these flirty heeltyes heel straps.

Daisy Black Flower Heel Accessories  

Discover the dark side of daisy with these ultra-feminine and playfully irresistible heel straps from the Daisy Collection. These flirty heel straps feature chiffon daisies with soft elastic make them comfortable to wear all day and all night long. These flirty accents are a beautiful complement to any #OOTD. Wear them around the heels, anklets or calves for a flirty finish you can take anywhere you please.