Game Day Ready with Ringtyes Bow Rings

Game day. You define it. Whether it's a big presentation at work, a first date or perhaps it's your son's first tennis match, you want to accessorize and look feminine effortlessly. That is why the Ringtye Collection of feminine bow rings is a beautiful way to accessorize your favorite looks without easily and affordably. So no matter how you define 'game day' you will always be ready with these feminine bow ring that will go with you wherever you want to go. Dress them up or play it cool, your fingertips will sure get noticed with these feminine accessories. Ahead are three feminine bow rings that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere:


Enchant everything you touch with this feminine bow ring, from the Enchantress Collection, that caresses your knuckles giving you a feminine finish wherever you go. Long wispy tails glide across the fingers with a silver-toned adjustable ring band giving you the option to wear it on any finger that you desire. Delight your game day look with this feminine bow ring.


You know what they say. Elegance is simplicity and that could not be truer than with this feminine and petite bow ring from the Hickey Collection. A petite satin bow ring with an adjustable ring band allows you to wear it from your thumb to your pinky. Delight your fingertips with simplicity and beauty with this simple and elegant bow ring.


Crown your fingertips like they are meant to with this layered bow ring from the Highness Collection. Bold and beautiful this bow ring is perfect to dress up or down, depending on how you feel, after all, you're a royal highness. Add a little sweetness to everything you touch with this adjustable bow ring.