Heel Accessories That Will Take You Anywhere🎀

If you have ever been to New York City, Los Angeles or any other major city, you know you have a lot of walking to do. Whether you are visiting an art gallery, a store or simply just site seeing, having the right shoes is important.  There is no better way to dress up your high heels than with the Heeltye Collection of feminine heel accessories.  These handcrafted heel accessories can be worn around your heels, ankles or calves for a seductive and feminine finish that you can take anywhere you want to go.  Platforms, wedges, or even just your classic high heel can use a little accessorizing from time to time and if you are doing a lot of walking, you should consider stylish ways to impact your look.  Wear this collection as anklets, as calf garters (yes, that's actually a thing) or around your heels to keep them snug from falling off.  Perfect to wear around leg warmers, this collection has the versatility that every heel accessory should.  Enjoy flirtation and femininity in this unique collection of handcrafted heel accessories.  Here are 3 heel accessories to consider for your next adventure:

Heel Accessories

Heel Accessories | Lady Heeltyes

The details matter the most and this could not be truer than with this collection of intricately detailed heel accessories.  The Lady Heeltyes feature a beautifully intricate elastic and handcrafted tye that you can wear to the front, back or to the side.  Perfect as anklets, these heeltyes will provide you with a lot of different looks.

Heel Accessories | XO Heeltyes 

Kiss each step you take with the XO Heel Accessories designed to bring out a little flirtation and style in you.  These heel accessories feature handcrafted satin tyes and soft elastic bands that encircle the heel, anklet or calf for a feminine finish you can take anywhere you want to go.

Heel Accessories | Hickey Heeltyes

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact and this could not be truer than with these feminine heel accessories.  The Hickey Heeltyes feature a petite satin tye and soft elastic band that you can wear around your high heels, anklets or calves!  Enjoy accessorizing your high heels with these feminine heel accessories!

 love, tara