Hot & Cold 🎀 Intimate Accessories for Winter

It's hot and it's cold. It's yes or maybe no.  It's on or it's off.  The opposites of the world do attract in some way or another and winter is the perfect time to experience the polar of each.  Experience the yin and the yang, the white and the black and all the emotions of life are an important part of life.  It helps you define who you are.  What you like and what you don't like. To set boundaries for your likes and dislikes.  The Intimates Collection of lingerie accessories is designed to allow you to explore your sensuality without fear.  From soft bondage handcuffs to sultry lingerie harnesses, this collection is designed to heat up the coldest nights.  Enjoy exploring new styling accessories as well as creating new experiences with yourself or the one you love.  Light up the night or a quiet afternoon with this unique range of accessories designed to help you discover your feminine style while creating intimate moments to remember.  Here are a few intimate accessories for you to consider next time it's too cold to go outside:

intimate accessories

Intimate Accessories | Kitty Nipple Covers

Make your kittens prrr with sensual sweetness in these feminine nipple covers that are designed to light up your look with femininity, style and sophistication.  The Kitty nipple covers feature a sexy Russian veiling accent and handcrafted satin tye so that you can wear them any time to please.  Enjoy your most intimate moments with seduction, flirtation and love.

Intimate Accessories | Blush Bra Lingerie Harness

Designed to make anyone blush, this sensual cage bra is the perfect way to show the one you love how to celebrate their curves!  This handcrafted cage bra harness is perfect for a pretty accent piece to any dress, tight shirt or whatever your heart desires. Soft satin tyes accent the tops of this pretty cage bra so you can wear it to the office and beyond!

Intimate Accessories | Bombshell Nipple Clamps

Be the bombshell you are or give these to the bombshell in your life!  The Bombshell satin tye nipple clamps feature handcrafted satin tyes and non-piercing nipple clamps so you can wear them whenever your heart desires.  Put on a show or enjoy them all by yourself!  Winter has never been warmer;)

love, tara