How to Flirt with Intimate Jewelry

It can be an art.  It can also be an emotion.  A memory.  Or even just a daydream.  But having a brief fling or long romantic encounter with someone is so impressionable and powerful that it should not be left to abandon.  Enjoying the beautiful emotions that love evokes is what intimate jewelry is all about. Having that connection with someone can only take a few moments but last a lifetime, that is why having intimate jewelry, accessories and intimates in your wardrobe for when the moment calls for it is an important and often times overlooked part of styling.  That is why the Intimates Collection of sensual intimate jewelry is designed to give you the freedom, flexibility and confidence that you should have when the moment calls for it.  Whether it's a first date or your 30th wedding anniversary or succumbing to serendipity, having intimate jewelry can make moments like these even more memorable and special.  Here are a few pieces of intimate jewelry to consider adding to your wardrobe:

 Lady Leg Garters

Intimate Jewelry | Teddy Nipple Clamps

Give yourself a little love with these irresistibly feminine nipple clamps designed to light up your look with femininity and sensuality.  The Teddy nipple clamps feature handcrafted satin tyes and lead-free chain.  Simply secure these onto your nipples to discover the sweetest of sensations.  Delight your next romantic encounter with irresistibly feminine intimate jewelry!

Intimate Jewelry | Daisy Bow Nipple Covers 

Discover your feminine power again and again with these flirtatiously feminine bow nipple covers designed to evoke the flirt in you!  The Daisy bow nipple covers feature a chiffon flower and handcrafted satin tye that will ignite your feminine side.  These reusable nipple pasties are perfect to wear again and again to give your most intimate moments a bit of feminine spark.

Intimate Jewelry | ExGirlfriend Handcuffs

Where the power of bondage and foreplay collide.  The ExGirlfriend handcuffs are designed to elicit excitement and sensuality in your most intimate moments.  These bangle-style handcuffs are designed for quick employment allowing you to enjoy passionate bondage without the fear.