How to Make the Most of Your Lingerie Accessories

Do you like discovering new ways to wear things?  Or get excited when you see a look that you want to try?  Expanding your wardrobe and discovering new accessorizing opportunities is always a great way to change up your look.  Whether it's adding a belt to a dress, a lingerie harness to a structured business shirt or even highlighting your legs with leg garters.  There are so many wonderful accessories on the market today and finding way to apply them in your wardrobe that you will not get bored.  The most exciting accessorizing trend is taking a boudoir or lingerie accessory and being so bold as to take it out on the streets.  Like wearing nipple covers under a blazer or a lingerie harness with a simple shirt.  There are so many ways you can uncover style today, it's crazy.  Lingerie accessories like lingerie harnesses, leg garters, nipple accessories and even handcuffs that can morph into everyday style is something to consider when you are looking for new accessorises.  Here are a few accessories you might want to try:

Lingerie Accessories

Lingerie Accessories | French Kiss Lingerie Harness 

Nothing says luxury and sensuality quite like the French Kiss lingerie harness.  This versatile lingerie harness is the perfect way to add femininity to any look you desire.  Pair this lingerie harness with a black cocktail dress, a business blouse or even a lacy bralette.  The options are all yours with this luxuriously sensual lingerie harness inspired by intense passionate moments. 

Lingerie Accessories | Lady Leg Garters

Flirt without a word in these irresistibly feminine leg garters designed to caress your thighs with style and flirtation.  The Lady Legtyes leg garters feature an intricate elastic and handcrafted tyes that will make any look sensual and sweet.  Wear these popular leg garters with your favorite boudoir outfit, lingerie set or perhaps under a short skirt to entice your onlookers.

Lingerie Accessories | Vanity Nipple Covers 

Show the love with these radiantly feminine nipple covers designed to light up your look with sensuality and femininity.  The Vanity nipple covers are inspired by all things feminine and love.  Wear these sensual lingerie accessories with your favorite sheer shirt or under a blazer for a little flashy flash.  You will not get bored with these sensually feminine nipple covers. 


Love, Tara