How To Style Your Bridal Party

Wedding season is here.  It's time to pop the champagne and prepare to make beautiful memories of this important and beautiful time in your life.  While wedding planning can be stressful and overwhelming, styling your #bridalsquad does not have to be.  Adding simple accessories like Hairtyes to their look will easily create a cohesive and elegant look.  Mix different hairstyle in or have them all the same, but adding on Bridal Hairtyes hair bow combs is a wonderful way to give them a keepsake of this important day and stay in your budget.  Talk about a win win! Another amazing option about this accessorizing strategy is that you don't even have to know her size!  Just pick our favorite one and you are good to go:). Here are 3 bridal hairtyes that you should totally consider when planning your big day:

Bridal Hair Bow Combs
Delight any hairstyle with classic femininity in this clean and elegant hair bow comb from the Princesa Collection.  Designed to be as versatile as you, this handcrafted white hair bow comb features a luxurious satin and crisp angles to brighten up your favorite looks.  Grab one for everyone in your bridal party and experience how sweet accessorizing can be. 
Kiss any hairstyle with femininity and flirtation in this elegant and simple hair bow comb.  Perfect for updos but perfect for any hairstyle your heart desires, this beautiful hair comb features a salon-style hair comb that you can wear all day and all night.  Walk down the aisle with confidence and style with this beautiful handcrafted hair comb.
You doll, you.  No seriously.  Enjoy getting ready without the stress with this feminine and effortless hair bow comb.  This bridal hair comb features long wispy tails that are a beautiful way to highlight your big day.  Even better idea to give one to each of your bridesmaids to create a uniform look without any sizings or stress.  Experience the sweetness of accessorizing.