How To Tye Your Tyecuffs

When it comes to soft bondage, there are a lot of questions.  Because you're curious, you're excited and you want to know that you are doing it correctly.  While there are a lot of different ways to experience the magic of surrender, tying your tyecuffs should not be a mystery.  It should be fun. Sexy. And something that you look forward to. Depending on the style of tyecuffs you purchased, they will likely come as two seperate cuffs that you tye together.  If this is the case, then keep reading. Below are 3 steps you can perform to tye your tyecuffs to wear around your ankles, wrists or anyway you please.

Step One: Determine the Size & Align

Pearl Handcuffs Soft Bondage

When you get your tyecuffs, you will notice the luxuriously long satin tyes that you can use to your pleasure.  We recommend thinking about how big or small you want your handcuffs to be.  Are they going around your wrists, or ankles or perhaps a bedpost?  Wherever they are going to be employed, determine the size.  We like to lay them out on a flat surface to help visualize.  Align the ribbon so that they criss cross as this will prepare you for step 2.

Step 2:  Take loose ends from each cuff & loop together

Pearl Handcuffs Feminine Soft Bondage

Since you have an idea of the size of cuff that you want, now you will see it come to life.  Take the ribbon ends from each respective cuff and begin the process of the tye.  Here you have the change to adjust the size before the final step.  

Step 3:  Complete the Tye & Enjoy Xx

Pearl Handcuffs Satin Tie

Now that you have tyed your tyecuffs you can enjoy them.  Don't forget to try determine approaches to your intimate moments like tying yourself to your partner, a bedpost or whatever your imagination yearns.  If you ever have any questions about your tyecuffs, you can always reach out to us!

love, tara