How To Wear Your Bra Chain

With the streetwear lingerie trend having a serious moment in the fashion spotlight, bra chains have become a sensual way to accessorize while being in tune with this trend. There is lots of bra chain available, some with varying materials like ball chain bra chains, pearl bra chains, and dainty bra chains. No matter the kinds of bra chain you select, here are some simple ways you can wear your bra chain:

Under A Low Cut Shirt

Pique someone’s curiosity with an unexpected detail by wearing your bra chain under a low cut shirt. Depending on your skin tone you may want to select a gold tone to add some warmth to your skin tone or for some silver to give your glow a hint of cool tunes. Wearing a bra chain under a low cut shirt gives your style a hint of sensuality and frames your décolleté with feminine outlines. The Tease Pearl Bra Chain is a beautiful and luxurious bra chain that is perfect to wear under a low cut shirt. Wear to work or out to play, the Tease Bra Chain is a beautiful addition to your look.

Over a Dress

Break up a solid dress with a hint of sensuality by wearing your bra chain over a dress. This completely transforms your look effortlessly. Wear a blazer or jacket with your bra chain so you can flirtatiously pretend to flash your admirers with your bra chain.   If you want to get really flirty, try wearing the Drama Queen bra chain that features a feminine handcrafted bow in the front. This will give your look a flirty and sensual finish! 

With Lingerie

While this last idea may seem obvious, there is a lot of creative freedom to be had in wearing your bra chain with your favorite lingerie set. Whether you are lounging around your boudoir or want to plot your next striptease, wearing a bra chain with your favorite lingerie set makes a beautiful sensual statement.