#HumpDay Hair 🎀 Headbands For Every Look

When it gets to be the middle of the week.  There is hope.  Hope for the weekend.  Hope for that ladies night.   Hope that you will have a good hair day this week.  No matter what kind of midweek slump you might be experiencing, stepping back and taking care of yourself is essential.  This is what makes the Tyera Collection of feminine hair accessories so attractive.  The Tyera Collection is designed for the female on the go with a lot of things to do but craves to be stylish and feminine in every moment.  This collection is perfect no matter where this world takes you.  Whether you are heading into the office for a big meeting or simply grabbing your mat and heading to yoga, enjoy style simply with this ultra-feminine and stylish collection of feminine hair accessories.  From bold to dainty, this collection has got you cover on #humpday and honestly any day of the week!  Here are a few tyera headbands that you need in your life:

 Glam Feminine Hair Accessories

Feminine Hair Accessories | Glam Headband

Sometimes you just need to brighten up your day a little bit with the glamorous touch of a hair accessory.  No matter what your hair is doing, or not doing, having a centerpiece to your style can transform your look without much effort.  The Glam Tyera bow headband is designed for those moments you crave bold glamour but don't want to invest much energy into getting there.  Allow the Glam Tyera to do that for you:)  Enjoy style with a hint of retro-inspiration any day of the week.

Feminine Hair Accessories | FaireFox Headband

Hello foxy.  Be the fox that you are with this ultra-versatile bow headband designed to light up your look with the sweetest of accents.  This bow headband features a handcrafted satin tye and sexy picot trimmed elastic so you can do whatever you desire.  Wear this sexy feminine hair accessory around a bun, like a crown or whatever your heart desires.  Discover femininity and flirtation in this flirty headband.

Feminine Hair Accessories | Lady Bow Headband  

Delight your style with the sweetest of accents in this ultra-feminine bow headband designed to be as versatile as you!  This handcrafted headband features an intricate elastic and a handcrafted tye so that you can wear it any way you desire.  Perfect for work, out to play or even to your next spin class, this feminine and flirty hair accessory is a must-have in your accessory wardrobe.