I Said Yesūü•ā to Feminine Bridal Intimates

You've probably said yes (and no) several times in your life. Whether it's a simple decision like do you want creamer with that or a complex situation that required a lot of investment of thought.  Making decisions with such dichotomy, such black or white, such yes or no, will make you aware of your desires and your wishes and your dislikes.  But the biggest yes of them all, the one that everyone knows what you are referring to when you said, "I said yes," refers to that special question that might only come once in a lifetime.   That question of destiny.  Of faith. And of course, of love.  This magical moment shared between to loves is something that inspires the Bridal Collection of jewelry, accessories and intimates.  From that special moment when you say yes, to saying I do and to the nights of passion afterward. Allow the Bridal Collection of feminine intimates help you to take your imagination and your love for one another to new levels by utilizing this carefully curated collection designed to make your most intimate moments a little sweeter.  Here are 3 bridal intimates that you should consider for your matrimonial pleasure:

Feminine Bridal Intimates

Bridal Handcuffs | Vixen Tyecuffs 

Delight your most intimate moments with passion and pleasure with these ultra-feminine handcuffs designed to be tools of pleasure.  The Vixen bridal handcuffs feature a sparkly mesh rhinestone and luxuriously long satin tyes that you can use to bind around the wrists or ankles!  Enjoy the intimacy with a little sparkle.

CAKE Bridal Nipple Clamps

ÔĽŅFlirt with your innermost desires with these luxuriously feminine nipple clamps designed to highlight your look with sensuality. These feminine nipple clamps feature handcrafted satin tyes and pearl link chain.¬† Easily removable, you can put them on or take them off as you please!