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Article: Influencer Approved 🎀 3 Must Have Anklets


Influencer Approved 🎀 3 Must Have Anklets

When its summer, less is more.  Less clothing.  Less stress.  Less worry.  One of the timeless trends that is hitting Instagram and influencer's feeds right now are anklets.  In homage to this fave 1990s trend, influencers have been wearing and styling anklets with a surprisingly unique twist on this popular accessory.  And there is seriously no better time to wear anklets.  This versatility fashion accessory can seriously light up your look during the summer.  Wear them to work, out to play or whenever you need that extra kick of style.  Perfectly paired with sandals, high heels or even just bare feet, these versatile fashion accessories are the go to for many influencers and fashion bloggers this summer.  The Ankletye Collection is inspired by all things versatile and feminine and are perfect for that summertime style. Enjoy accessorizing effortlessly with these versatile fashion accessories that will seriously go with you wherever you go.  Here are 3 must have anklets to have in your jewelry box this summer:

Summer Anklets

Feminine Anklet | Princesa Bow Anklet  

Enjoy femininity and flirtation with this simple and radiant bow anklet designed to light up your look with sensual femininity.  The Princesa bow anklet features a rhinestone mesh anklet and a handcrafted satin tye that sits flirtatiously wherever you want it to.  Perfect for cocktail hour or for a night out with friends, this must have anklet is a wonderful addition to any evening look.

Feminine Anklet | Fringe with Benefits Anklets

Discover your playful side with these feminine and flirty fringe anklets that are perfect to wear whenever you are feeling a little flirty.  The Fringe with Benefits bow anklets feature a soft fringe trim and a handcrafted satin tye with a clasp closure.  Wear them out dancing or lounging around your boudoir, the options are all yours with these unique and feminine fringe anklets!

Feminine Anklet | Invitation Anklet

Where lingerie and accessorizing unite.  The Invitation bow anklet is inspired by all things lingerie and accessories.  Perfect for a night out with friends or a night in with your loved one, this feminine anklet is a bold statement that is as versatile as you!  Enjoy accessorizing effortlessly this summer with this must have anklet!

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