Intimate Accessories ūüéÄ Pastyes Nipple Covers

Have you ever flirted with someone you are attracted to?  How did it make you feel?   And how did you flirt?  The power of attraction is a beautiful and transformative thing.  Obsession, lust, and love all come into play at the beginning of attraction.  What you do and what you say are all things that create an impact when you are flirting.  But what about the things you don't say.  You just see.  You just feel.  The Pastyes nipple covers collection creates a sensual statement no matter what you are wearing.  Perfect for a first intimate encounter or a sweet surprise, these flirty nipple covers are designed to evoke your imagination and introduce flirtation in a whole new light.  Enjoy your sensuality with these flirty and feminine nipple covers.  Here are a few nipple covers designed to light up your style:

 Pastyes Pasties Nipple Covers

Pearlure Nipple Covers

Flirt with your sensuality in the Pearlure nipple covers designed to give your look a luxuriously feminine finish.  Celebrate your curves with these ultra-feminine nipple covers.  The Pearlure nipple covers feature a reusable felt backing with adhesive tape so that you can use them over and over again.  The teardrop glass pearls give a feminine and flirty finish.  

Vanity Pasties Heart Nipple Covers

Flirt with your femininity in the Vanity Pastyes nipple covers designed to make your look sensual and feminine.  These reusable nipple covers feature a soft felt backing so that you can use them time and time again.  The Vanity pasties are a beautiful addition to your intimate wardrobe.  The heart-shaped design makes for a perfect sensual gift for yourself or someone you love. 

Princesa Pasties Nipple Covers

ÔĽŅSparkle in sensual delight with the Princesa nipple covers designed to make your style flirty and feminine.¬† These reusable nipple covers feature a radiant rhinestone mesh outline and handcrafted satin tye to create a sensual celebration of femininity.¬† Wear them under a sheer shirt, lingerie set or nothing at all.¬† Flirt with your femininity with radiance and beauty.¬† Perfect as a gift for someone you love or a beautiful sensual accessory for yourself!