Intimate Lingerie Accessories for Winter Layering

The days are short and the nights are long. And while it may be hard to feel sexy in winter, there are sensual styling opportunities you can utilize to make you feel just as sexy during the winter as you do during the hot nights of summer.  Underneath all those winter layers can be the sweetest tools of seduction.  Intimate lingerie accessories are a beautiful way to incorporate your sexy with your winter wardrobe.  By having sweet little nothings under all those clothes will help you celebrate your body and enjoy the cold winter months.  Pique their curiousity with a little lace showing or a strappy detail that will get anyone's imagination lit up. Ahead are three intimate lingerie accessories that you can employ all winter season long:

 Lingerie Cage Bra

Foxy Bratye • Lingerie Bra Harness

Let your inner fox come out and play with this picot-trimmed lingerie cage bra harness designed to embrace your curves.  This handcrafted lingerie cage bra harness features an evocative picot-trimmed elastic and a soft satin tye that you can layer underneath your favorite sweater or cardigan.  Feel and be desired with this sensual intimate accessory.

Bombshell Legtyes • Black Lingerie Leg Garters 

Be the bombshell that you are with these sensual black leg garters inspired by the bombshell in you.  Wear these sensual intimate lingerie accessories under your favorite jeans or black pants so that they are exposed at the top.  Enjoy making a sensual statement this winter with these sensual little accessories.

Vixen Pastyes • Sparkly Nipple Covers

Light up your sensual accessorizing strategy all winter long with the Vixen sparkly nipple bow covers.  These handcrafted rhinestone mesh nipple covers feature a handcrafted satin tye and brillant sparkle cover that you can wear under your favorite sheer shirt or blazer.  Make this winter season a little more sparkly with these bow nipple pasties.


love, tara