It's Our Secret: A Style Guide for Intimate Jewelry & Sensual Accessories

Whether you are having a birthday, enjoying a date or throwing a bash, intimate jewelry and accessories might be a great way for you to secretly and not so secretly celebrate yourself.  Our Intimate Collection is designed to make you feel feminine, confident and independent.  These sensual accessories are versatile and non-committal so you can enjoy them on your terms.  Here is a brief overview of each category as well as some style ideas to ignite your sexy imagination.'s our secret.

BODTYES | Sensual Body Chains & Lingerie Harnesses

The Bodtye Collection consists of a beautiful variety body chains and lingerie harnesses that you can wear on various occasions.  Frame your torso with sweet sensuality by wearing them over a business shirt, cocktail dress or with your favorite lingerie set.  Bodtyes are meant to be worn on the street and in the bedroom to maximize your mileage.  The Bodtye body chains are a great lingerie accessory to add when you want to sweeten your boudoir wardrobe or can be worn to your next pool party.  This collection of body chains and lingerie harnesses is a great way to accessorize any look your heart desires.

LEGTYES | Feminine Leg Garters

Wear these sexy leg garters under a skirt, with your favorite lingerie set or with nothing at all.  These legtyes leg garters are designed to give your look an instant feminine boost.  Featuring an elasticized fit, these flirty leg garters will customize to your shape so you can wear them as long as you like.  

NIPTYES | Non-piercing Nipple Clamps

Sometimes we just need to be surprised.  The Niptyes nipple clamp collection is intended to surprise and to delight.  Flexible nipple clamps secure onto your nipples' diameter while a soft, handcrafted tye accent to create a feminine spectacle of delight.  Wear them under a loose shirt or nothing at all.  The clamps deliver soft sensations as you wear them, but don't worry they do not hurt and you can always adjust them.  These nipple clamps are perfect for new explorers.

PASTYES | Feminine Nipple Covers

Looking for more coverage?  Enjoy these handcrafted nipple covers by wearing them under a sheer shirt or as a boudoir wardrobe accessory.  Using high quality materials like satin, organza, and glass pearls, these nipple covers are designed with the intent to help you feel feminine and beautiful.  Make your next boudoir performance sensual and feminine with these nipple cover pasties!

 TYECUFFS | Soft Bondage Handcuffs

Explore the world of bondage but without the fear.  Our Tyecuffs soft bondage handcuffs collection is designed with the beginner in mind.  Using feminine materials like rhinestone mesh, pearls and satin help make this experience fun not fearful.  Perfect for an anniversary gift or just a sweet surprise, these soft bondage handcuffs will open up a gate of new sensual possibilities.