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Article: It's Showtime✨ Burlesque Pasties

It's Showtime✨ Burlesque Pasties

The nights are getting longer.  The days are getting shorter.  That typically means that you will be spending more time in the bedroom.  So light it up with the Pastyes Collection of feminine nipple covers that are designed to highlight your curves.  Whether you want something simple or extra, something flirty or seductive this range of feminine nipple covers is a beautiful way to make your most intimate moments even more intimate.  Pasties nipple covers emerged in the 1920s as a tool to use to avoid breaking the law while performing nude or topless. And since then they can be found in a variety of different settings like parades, night clubs and erotic parties and even on Halloween.  No matter when you want to wear them, you can put on a show anytime you desire by simple peeling off the adhesive tape, placing them to cover your nipples, and now my friend, it's time to put on a show that you will not want to forget.  Here are 3 burlesque pasties that you will want for your next intimate performance:

Burlesque Pasties Nipple Covers

Burlesque Pasties | Sparkly Nipple Covers

Light up your bedroom with seduction and femininity in these handcrafted sparkly nipple covers designed to make your most intimate moments even sweeter.  The Vanity nipple covers feature a pink heart and handcrafted satin tye with a reusable felt backing so you can enjoy a striptease again and again! 

Burlesque Pasties | Daisy Nipple Covers 

Bring femininity and flirtation together into one lingerie accessory, and you have the Daisy sparkly nipple covers!  These handcrafted burlesque nipple covers are perfect for your most intimate moments.  Enjoy simple flirtation by wearing these with your favorite lingerie set!

Burlesque Pasties | Pearlure Nipple Covers 

Experience luxury and seduction with these handcrafted sparkly nipple covers designed to light up your most passionate moments.  These handcrafted sparkly nipple covers feature a tear drop pearl that dangles for that extra bit of tease.  Enjoy your performance again and again with these reusable burlesque nipple covers!

love, tara

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