It's Your Show 🎀 Burlesque Nipple Cover Pasties

Burlesque.  A popular form of entertainment that is defined as taking a serious matter and making light of it. In the 1840s, yes the 1840s, Burlesque found it's way from Europe over to Canada and the US making it a popular entertainment that was found in skits, witty remarks and sexually-related dialog on stage.  While this form of entertainment has evolved throughout the centuries, Burlesque is something that you can create in the privacy of your own bedroom.  Enjoy the flirtation and innate wittiness of this form of entertainment with flirtatious nipple covers.  Nipple covers and the art of Burlesque go hand and hand.  These, typically tassel-embellished nipple covers, have become a staple on the Burlesque stage.  Burlesque nipple covers were invented in the 1920s so that Burlesque and cabaret shows could get away with having entertainers virtually naked but still abide by indecency laws.  Now it's time to create your own Burlesque show with the Pastyes Collection.  Don't worry though, you don't need an audience.  You can have all the fun by yourself or choose to entertain the one you want.  Here are a few Burlesque nipple cover pasties that you should consider for your next show:

Burlesque Nipple Cover Pasties || Daisy Pastyes 

Light up your look with sweet femininity and with primitive seduction in these handcrafted nipple covers designed to make your look a lot sweeter.  The Daisy nipple covers feature a soft organza daisy and an organza tye detail.  A sparkly nipple cover base with adhesive tape allows you to wear them over and over again, any time you want to put on a show. 

Burlesque Nipple Cover Pasties || Pearlure Pastyes

Where luxury and seduction intersect.  Invite sweet seduction into your wardrobe with the Pearlure Pastyes nipple covers.  These ultra-feminine nipple covers feature handcrafted organza tyes and a luxurious tear-drop pearl so that you can give the performance you desire.  Flirt with your femininity in these ultra-feminine nipple covers designed to give your look a hint of feminine luxury.

Burlesque Nipple Cover Pasties || Invitation Pastyes 

You're invited to put on a show like nothing else with these flirty and feminine nipple cover pasties!  The Invitation nipple covers feature handcrafted satin tyes and a sparkly nipple cover base so that you can wear them anytime you want to light up your style.  With a reusable felt backing, you can wear them anytime you want to put on a show!