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Article: Just Dance 🎀 Sensual Accessories for your Next Tango

Just Dance 🎀 Sensual Accessories for your Next Tango

Have you ever heard the expression, "it takes two to tango?" Well it's true.  While you do need two to tango, you can create a look that is just as sensual as the tango.  The tango is a dance that originated in Argentina and has gained worldwide popularity.  Unbelievably, the tango is the combination of the Waltz, the Polka, the Mazruka and Habanera and a few more.  This sensual dance is something that can inspire your style for your next date night, anniversary or whatever you desire to celebrate.  The very close embrace, the small steps and the syncopated movement makes this sensual act something we can all admire and be moved by.  Using this inspiration, you can find ways to accessorize your look.  Flatter your hips, highlight your ankles or decorate your decollate with something feminine and sensual.  Here are a few sensual accessories to consider for your next tango:

Sensual Accessories

Sensual Accessories || ExGirlfriend Handcuffs

Surprise your partner with a move that they might never have seen before.  Like a kick, a hickey or something unexpected, the ExGirlfriend Handcuffs are the perfect way to make your partner discover sensuality like never before.  Sensualize your encounter with soft bondage that you can easily incorporate when the moment calls for it.  Enjoy your tango with this extra kick of sensuality.

Sensual Accessories || French Kiss Lingerie Harness 

Kiss your torso with sweet delight in this lingerie harness that represents the intersection of luxury and sensuality.  The French Kiss lingerie harness features a creamy glass pearl strand that caresses the torso and secures around the waist and the neck for a sensual move that you will want to make again and again.  Create a sensual look effortlessly with this luxurious lingerie harness.

Sensual Accessories || Daisy Nipple Covers 

No tango is complete without a flower or two.  Instead of having two in between your teeth, show them off with these sensual nipple covers inspired by all things feminine.  The Daisy nipple covers feature a soft chiffon flower and handcrafted organza tye that allows you to create a feminine and sensual statement again and again.  It's time to tango💋

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