Lace It Up✨ 3 Lacy Lingerie Accessories You Need

Lace.  You either love it or you hate it.  You have lots of it, or you have none of it. It's that fabric that is spun intricately into a web of beautiful details that emits nothing by femininity, style and ladylike appeal. Used widely in wedding dresses, lingerie and fashion accessories, lace is a beautiful thing that I can not get enough of.  Lace transcends all seasons and you can seriously wear it to soften any look.  Whether it's a lacy belt, a feminine hair accessory or even leg garters your accessory wardrobe is missing something if you don't have a lacy little nothing to accessorize with.  Whether you are going to work, out with a bunch of friends or just lounging all by yourself, accessorizing with lacy accessories defines your celebrating of femininity, style and elegance.  No matter where you are going or what you are doing, allow lace to take your style to new heights of feminine style.  Here are 3 lacy lingerie accessories you should consider for your next styling opportunity:

Lacy Lingerie Accessories

Lacy Lingerie Accessories | Lacing Love Bow Belt 

Enjoy a lacy lingerie accessory infused with style and versatility with this must have lace bow belt designed to be worn with whatever you desire.  The Lacing Love black bow belt features a beautiful black and white lace with a handcrafted satin tye in the center that you can use to accent the front or the back of your look;)

Lacy Lingerie Accessories | Chantilly Leg Garters

Delight your curves with the beautiful touch of the Chantilly lacy leg garters that you can wear under a short skirt, over leggings or with your favorite lingerie set.  These handcrafted lace leg garters feature handcrafted satin tyes on the sides to create a unique accessorizing experience. 

Lacy Lingerie Accessories | Like A Virgin Handcuffs

Touched for the every first place or just pretend to be with these ultra-feminine lacy handcuffs designed to take your most intimate moments to new landscapes.  The Like A Virgin lacy handcuffs feature a soft pink lace and luxurious satin ribbon that you can slip around your wrists or ankles or unforgettable pleasure experiences.

love, tara