Lacy Jewelry & Feminine Accessories for Everyday

Deciding what to wear every day can be both a challenge and an opportunity.  Having a variety of different accessories and feminine jewelry can help define your style even when you wear the most basic pieces.  Celebrate your femininity in sweet style in lacy jewelry and feminine accessories designed to make your daily style original, fresh and beautiful.  Accessorizing can instantly transform any look, so deciding what feminine accessories to wear and strategically place them throughout the week can give your wardrobe a multitude of different options.  Here are a few lacy jewelry and feminine accessories you can incorporate every day.


Delight your style with sweet femininity in this ultra-feminine and irresistibly versatile lace choker from the Chantilly Collection!  This simple lace choker features soft satin ribbon and a metallic lace to give your look an instant sensual and feminine finish.  Treat your look to something simple and beautiful with the Chantilly lace choker!  Wear with your favorite cocktail dress, lingerie set or with nothing at all!


Accessorizing is effortless with this ultra-versatile and undeniably feminine headband from the Lady Collection.  This flirty headband is a beautiful way to give any hairstyle a feminine finish.  A handcrafted tye accents this flirty headband that you can wear on the nape of your neck for a hidden detail.  Wear this flirty headband with a messy ponytail, a structured bun or simply down.  The options are all yours with this feminine hair accessory!


Define your style with the most delightful of details in the Lacing Love lingerie harness designed to give any look a hint of femininity.  This lacy intimate accessory is designed to give any look you desire a sensual statement inside and outside the bedroom.  Wear this lacy lingerie harness over a simple t-shirt or with your favorite lingerie set, or perhaps nothing at all.  Lace your look with sweet feminine style.