Lacy Nothings • 3 Lingerie Accessories You Need

In the #quarantinelife you have more options that what you think.  You have the option to take advantage of your this time.  To better yourself, to relax, to focus, to learn or to connect.  You can turn inward and discover beautiful things about yourself and the ones you love most.  Enjoying intimate interactions, conversations and sprucing up your boudoir are all lovely things to do in quarantine.  Whether you are couped up by yourself or going over to your #bfs house, there are ways to celebrate your femininity with lacy nothings.  You know.  Those things that aren't really things but things you love and need.  Yes, those.  Lacy nothings are like feminine lingerie accessories that can instantly uplift your look and give you the kind of flirtation and fun that you are looking to break during this quarantine.  Here are 3 lacy nothings that you can enjoy morning, noon and night:

Lacy Nothings

Queen Sparkly Lace Bow Pasties 

Lace your look with femininity and style with these flirty and feminine sparkly nipple covers designed to delight and seduce.  These handcrafted bow pasties feature a soft satin tye atop a sparkly nipple cover.  Reuse these sensual beauties again and again with your favorite cheeky lingerie set or perhaps nothing at all.  You are the queen, now aren't you?

Chantilly Lace Bow Choker

Discover beauty in lacy nothings with this handcrafted lace choker from the Chantilly Collection.  This delicate and feminine lace choker is versatile enough that you can wear it with a variety of different outfits to instantly soften it and give your look a beautiful feminine radiance.  Delight your decollete with this sensual lacy nothing that will go with you wherever you want to go.

 Lacing Love Bow Belt

Create a stylish look with a variety of different outfits in this adjustable lace bow belt that is designed to give your look structure and enhance your silhoutte.  This lacy bow belt features a handcrafted satin tye and adjustable waist so that you can wear it with jeans, over a pencil skirt or with your favorite lingerie set.  

love, tara