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Article: Ladies Night: Feminine Accessories That Go All Night Long

Ladies Night: Feminine Accessories That Go All Night Long

This is ladies night and the feeling is sweet with feminine jewelry, accessories and intimates designed to flatter, to contour and to enhance your bad self.  Enjoy the moment and embrace your femininity tonight and every night you choose with whatever you decide to wear.  Accessorizing can be like a game, so make it fun with you are heading out with your squad.  Whether you want to glam it up or play it down, there is an accessory for that.  Transform your look completely with the simple addition of a feminine accessory that will go all night long.   Here are a few feminine accessories and intimates that you should have on your next ladies night:


Walk this way, or anyway you like, with these edgy yet feminine heel accessories for the FaireFox Collection!  Designed to elicit your inner flirt, these heel accessories are designed to bring out the feminine features you possess with each step.  Whether you are heading into the office or going out to the town, these flirty feminine accessories can be worn as anklets, around the heel or as calf garters.  Hey foxy hey.  


Crown your look with a hint of royal-like accents in this sparkly headband from the Goddess Collection!  This bow headband features a soft sparkly elastic completed with a sweet handcrafted tye to create a feminine finish to any look.  Wear this sparkly headband to the side or under a messy ponytail for a sweet and unexpected surprise.  Define your femininity through style in this ultra-versatile headband designed to make you look and feel more feminine. 
Create a little drama with the sweetest of accents in this ultra-versatile and feminine bow belt designed to make your look sensual and feminine.  This bow belt features a soft handcrafted satin tye and adjustable belt to go with whatever your heart desires.  There is no stopping style in this ultra-versatile bow belt! 

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