Ladies Night Style with Feminine Anklets

What is ladies' night, anyways?  I mean besides the drink specials, what does it mean for you?  Thursday nights are always a great night to hang out with your #squad.  To connect with them, support them and help them.  This kind of love is special and necessary in our lives.  Enjoy bonding on this special night dedicated to sisterhood and fun.  But don't forget that you also want to look fly.  The Ankletye Collection of feminine anklets are designed to make your journey a little sweeter.  Whether you want to wear heels or flipflops, having the right attitude and the right look is what is important when you want to focus on what's important.  Adding a simple bow anklet to your look is unexpected and delightful no matter where you are going for your ladies' night.  Here are 3 feminine anklets that you can enjoy wearing when you are hanging out with your #squad:

Bow Anklet Feminine Accessories

Feminine Anklets • Coax Bow Anklet

WIth you are looking for a versatile accessory that you can take anywhere than allow the Coax bow anklet be your companion.  This simple and feminine bow anklet will pretty much go with all your shoes and is so comfy to wear you might not want to take it off!  This feminine anklet features a handcrafted satin tye and lead-free chain that encircles the ankle for a beautifully feminine statement.

Feminine Anklets • Fringe With Benefits Bow Anklets

Flirt with fringe in these seductively feminine and playfully stylish fringe anklets inspired to bring out the flapper in you!  Inspired by 1920s flappers, allow freedom and fun to mingle with your style.  These handcrafted fringe anklets feature a satin tye accent every step you take with femininity.  Enjoy accessorizing with these flirty and feminine fringe anklets. 

Feminine Anklets • Heartbreaker Anklet

Heartbreaker you got the best of me.  At least, my style that is.  Enjoy a lil' seduction and flirtation in this demure bow anklet with a sensual chain drape.  This feminine anklet features a handcrafted satin tye that is so versatile and simple to wear, you will want to take it with you everywhere.  Now go enjoy your #ladiesnight!


 love, tara