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Article: Lay It On Me: Jewelry Layering Tips


Lay It On Me: Jewelry Layering Tips

If you are like me, you might have a jewelry box stuffed full of items that you have procured throughout the years but have never actually worn a bunch.  Seeing a new necklace or a fresh set of earrings is always so tempting to purchase, but sometimes gets lost in actually wearing them.  Plus, we are busy people. Reaching for your tried and true statement pieces is just easy.

So let's take a quick inventory of your current stock of jewelry and accessories and see how we can make the most of it. 


When layering your jewelry, it's a good idea to utilize the visual tactic of contrast.  Don't wait for that special occasion to roll around to wear that bold necklace, wear it today, but pair it with dainty earrings or slim bracelet to help counteract and balance the look.  I look a simple choker with a bold belt or sexy heel accessories with a dainty bracelet.  The accessorizing game just got a lot more fun when you incorporate the idea of contrast and balance.


A rigid and strong clothing article can actually make your dainty accessories stand out more, so don't be afraid to mix to wear that structured business shirt with a dainty necklace, or suit paints with a delicate chain belt. Showcasing a broad continuum in your wardrobe gives you more room to be creative.


Crystals, stones, tassels, whatever.  You own it, wear it.  Try wearing all your favorite necklaces, rings, bracelets together for a totally personalized look.  By doing this exercise, you might discover some pieces that go together really well, while others make for a better solo act. 

Here are a few of my favorite pieces that I love to use in layering:




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