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Article: Leave A Mark: Hickey Collection of Sensual Intimates & Feminine Jewelry

Feminine Jewelry

Leave A Mark: Hickey Collection of Sensual Intimates & Feminine Jewelry

A hickey.  A mark that is left by sucking so hard on the skin that burst the small superficial blood vessels under the skin.  This sensation is often a mixture of pleasure and pain.  A sign of affection.  A sign of attraction.  And definitely a sign of style.  The Hickey Collection of sensual intimates and feminine jewelry is designed to integrate into your look while leaving an impact.  These petite and versatile fashion accessories are a beautiful and effortless way to accessorize any look you desire.  Here is a look at each item in this feminine and classic collection: 


Leave your mark with this simplistically sweet bow choker from the Hickey Collection.  This versatile and simple bow choker features a handcrafted satin tye and sultry satin ribbon choker to create a luxuriously feminine statement. Wear this feminine choker with your favorite business suit, cocktail dress or with nothing at all:)


Simplicity is elegant in this beautifully versatile bow bracelet designed to sweeten your arm game.  This bow bracelet features a handcrafted satin tye and satin wristband to complete this irresistibly feminine look.  Wear this bow bracelet whenever your heart desires.   Make a perfect gift for the one you love. 


Make each step count with these simplistically sweet heel accessories from the Hickey Collection!  These versatile fashion accessories are a beautiful way to transform your heels, ankles or even calves!  These flirty shoe accessories make amazing sock garters too!  Wear these whenever you need a little femininity in your step!


Create a sensual statement with the simple addition of this lingerie accessory!  The hickey lingerie harness is a beautifully simplistic way to accessorize any look.  Wear this sexy lingerie harness over a white collared shirt, under a cocktail dress or perhaps with nothing at all.  It's time to leave your mark. 

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