Let it Go with these Effortless Accessories

Have you ever not wanted to get dressed?  Or even get out of bed for that matter? Make things easy on yourself by selecting what you are going to wear the night before, or even a few days before.  Because when you plan it out, actualizing it comes much more easily.  Although having this kind of organization and time to plan takes effort and discipline, so procure accessories that are versatile and adaptable to many situations.  Whether it's a belt, a hair accessory or even just a bow bracelet cuff, having accessories that you can enjoy effortlessly is the key to a classic style that you can enjoy again and again.  Here are 3 effortless accessories that you can enjoy this weekend or whenever you feel like it:

Pearl Bow Headband

Honey Bow Earrings

Add a little bit of sweetness to your look effortlessly with these handcrafted satin tyes designed to go with you wherever your heart takes you.  The Honey bow earrings feature a beautiful and secure lever-back style so you can wear them all day and all night without worrying about them falling off or losing an earring back.  Now isn't that sweet?

Honey Bow Belt Chain 

Pour on the sweetness anywhere you go with the Honey bow belt chain designed to make your jeans, a pencil skirt or even your swimsuit look that much sweeter.  Super effortless to wear, this beautifully handcrafted bow belt chain is designed to go with you wherever you go.  From fancy to laidback, this chain bow belt is a beautifully feminine way to enjoy accessorizing. 

Foxy Headband

When you are having a day where you simply don't know how to style your hair, allow the Foxy Tyera headband help you create an effortless style no matter where you are going.  This evocatively feminine headband features a handcrafted satin tye and beautiful picot-trimmed elastic that you can wear to work, out to play or behind closed doors.  Let it go with these effortless accessories.


with love, tara