Let's Kick It | 3 Feminine Heel Accessories

When it comes to deciding what shoes to sport, you have so many options.  You can wear heels, sneakers, heck even platforms.  No matter what you wear, your shoes can say a lot about your outfit.  For instance, if you are wearing sneakers with a business suit, you are clearly needing to walk far distances and not ready for the boardroom.  On the contrary, if you are wearing high heels with jeans you are creating a statement that dresses up a casual look.  No matter what you wear, let your shoes say it all.  That is the inspiration behind the Heeltyes Collection of feminine heel accessories.  This collection is designed to be comfortable to wear all day and all night.  Every design in this collection is innately versatile so that you can take them wherever this world takes you.  Enjoy changing your shoe game with these handcrafted heel accessories.  Here are 3 heel accessories to consider for your next adventure:

Feminine Heel Accessories

Feminine Heel Accessories | XO Heeltyes

Kiss each step you take with the feminine power of a kiss in these heel accessories designed to make each step sweeter.  The XO Heeltyes feature a satin tye and soft elastic band that you can easily wear over your heels, ankles or even up around your calves for a sensually feminine statement.

Feminine Heel Accessories | Lady Heeltyes

Be the lady that you are with these feminine and flirty heel accessories designed to bring out the ladylike features in you!  These lovingly handcrafted heel accessories feature an intricate elastic and handcrafted tye that you can wear to the front, back or underneath your heels for a ladylike finish.

Feminine Heel Accessories | Duchess Heeltyes

Discover beauty in femininity with these ultra-feminine heel accessories designed to bring out the duchess in you! These feminine heel accessories feature a handcrafted tulle tye and soft elastic band that easily fits around the heel, ankle or calves for a beautifully feminine finish.


love, tara