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Article: Light It Up✨ Erotic Accessories


Light It Up✨ Erotic Accessories

In the world of your imagination, how can you make your wildest fantasies come true?  You have the power to be whatever it is that you want to be and erotic accessories like handcuffs, nipple accessories and cage bras allow you to escape into your wildest dreams.  Have you ever just sat in silence dreaming of something or someone?  You are not alone.  Having the power to light up your imagination to help you actualize your dreams is something that can come with the help of erotic accessories.  The simplest of suggestions may awaken a world that you never knew existed.  The inspiration behind the Intimates Collection is to delve into your imagination and to help you uncover your most intimate dreams and desires.  Ones you might not tell anyone or ones that you want to share with the world.   There is no limit to your pleasure nor your imagination with these feminine yet bold erotic accessories to help you live the dreams you desire.  Here are 3 erotic accessories you should consider when your imagination begins to light up:

Kinkette Collar and Leash

Erotic Accessories | Kinkette Collar & Leash 

Delight your innermost desires with the fascinations that exist between power and play in this sparkly leash and collar set designed for the beginner but strong enough for the dominatrix.  The Kinkette Collar and Leash set features a kitten-like choker and a soft satin leash that can be controlled with a sparkly handle.  Perfect as a gift for the one you love or a surprise to light up your most intimate moments.

Erotic Accessories | Bombshell Cage Bra

Seduce without a word in this feminine and flirty cage bra designed to delight any lingerie set or perhaps not a thing at all.  This cage bra features a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic caresses the torso with lines that are influenced by the typical bra silhouette.  Wear this erotic accessory over a simple shirt to really get your imagination lit up.

Erotic Accessories | Pearlure Nipple Accessories

When you want to light up your most intimate moments with luxury and style, allow these feminine-inspired nipple accessories to seduce your favorite look.  These feminine nipple accessories feature a handcrafted organza tye and luxurious teardrop pearl to allow you to exhibit your inner most desires. 

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