Light It Up✨ Sensual Accessories for the Bedroom

Baby, it's cold outside.  And you know what.  It's been cold for more than a minute.  Take advantage of the indoors by spending a little more time in the bedroom.  You're invited to explore your sweet sensuality with sensual accessories from the Intimates Collection.  Whether you're ready to perform a striptease or want to explore your boundaries, the Intimates Collection is designed with the beginner in mind but the adventurous and curious female at heart.  Whether you want to try a new body chain or light it up with some sparkle handcuffs, your style and your pleasure are all yours to explore.  Here are some sensual accessories that you should have to light up these cold winter nights: Sensual Accessories

 Centerfold Pearl Leg Garters 

 A little luxury never hurt nobody.  So why not allow yourself to explore your sweet sensuality with the Centerfold Pearl Leg Garters! These sensual accessories are the perfect feminine accents to light up your style this winter.  Wear them under a short skirt, your favorite lingerie set or perhaps with nothing at all. These pearl leg garters feature a luxurious glass pearl strand and elastic fit with a handcrafted satin tye detail.  These luxurious pearl leg garters are so irresistible you might wear them all night long:)

 Marie Antoinette Nipple Clamps

Experience the sweetest of sensations with the Marie Antoinette Nipple Clamps designed to light up your sensuality with femininity.  These vintage-inspired nipple clamps feature handcrafted velvet tyes and a luxurious pearl glass teardrop so you can experience the movement and the sensations of your sensuality like never before.   

Fringe with Benefits Handcuffs 

 Flirt with your femininity and experience the power of passion and control in these fringe handcuffs from the Fringe with Benefits Collection!  These handcrafted handcuffs are perfect way to introduce foreplay and bondage without the fear.  These feminine handcuffs are the perfect way to warm up on a cold night:)