Look Remix 🎀 Feminine Accessories

A new season is approaching.  And it's a wonderful time to look at your wardrobe and consider what you want to keep and what you want to repurpose or even gave away.  This transformative time is a great way to discover what defines your style going forward.  Thankfully, you can expand your wardrobe thanks to feminine accessories.  Accessories flooded the runways this season with everything from micro purses to strappy belts, so allow feminine accessories to transform your look.  Whether you are going back to school, on a work retreat or just hanging out with friends, give your wardrobe the range you deserve by incorporating feminine accessories into each and every look.  The Accessories Collection is inspired to give your look a sweet and feminine finish to any look you desire.  Enjoy beauty in versatility with this range of accessories designed to make the most of every look.  Here are 3 feminine accessories to consider when you are auditing your fall wardrobe:

Feminine Accessories

Feminine Bow Belt | Highness Beltye 

Top any look with a layer of undeniable sweetness.  The Highness Bow Belt features a handcrafted satin tye and soft adjustable belt that you can wear low around your waist, high like an empress waist, to the front, to the side and even to the back.  Transform any look with this amazingly versatile bow belt!

Feminine Shoe Accessories | FaireFox Heeltyes

Give any shoe a new beginning with these irresistibly seductive feminine accessories!  The FaireFox Heeltyes are designed to elicit that fox in you.  With a sexy picot elastic and handcrafted satin tye, there is no stopping style.  Enjoy accessorizing like never before by wearing these around your ankles, calves or around your heel for a feminine statement you can recreate again and again.

 Feminine Hair Accessories | Lady Tyera

Delight your hair everyday of the week with this seductively feminine headband designed to highlight your look with femininity.  The Lady Tyera features an intricate elastic and handcrafted tye accent that you can wear to the top, back or side for that extra feminine touch.  Perfect for work, for yoga or anywhere in between.


love, tara