Make A Feminine Statement 🖤 Black Bow Earrings

Have you ever looked at your jewelry box and wondered why you bought the things that you bought?  Like those large tassel earrings?  Or that chunky necklace you only wore once?  Or even that layered gold simple necklace that is so 2012?  Trendy jewelry is great, in the moment.  If you are a trendsetter, than having a large array of different jewelry pieces that are on-trend totally makes sense, if that is your lifestyle.  But if you want pieces that transcend the test of time, that you can wear over and over without any regard to what's trendy right now, than the Eartyes black bow earrings collection is for you!  No matter where you are going, what you are wearing, the Eartyes Collection of versatile black bow earrings is designed to go with you wherever you go!  These simple and classic black bow earrings are designed to be versatile, feminine and elegant.  Invite simplicity back into your jewelry box and invest in pieces that you can wear several times with this carefully curated collection that will make it through all the different trends of time.  Here are 3 black bow earrings to consider adding to your jewelry box:

Black Bow Earrings  

Black Bow Earrings | Coax Hoop Eartyes

Designed to light up your face with elegance and femininity, these simple black bow earrings are the perfect accent to any look at any time.  The Coax bow earrings feature handcrafted satin tyes and lead-free hoop earrings that accent you look any day or any night.  Wear these with your favorite little black dress or nothing at all:)

Black Bow Earrings | Vanity Eartyes

It's the smallest details that make the biggest impact with these flirty and feminine bow earrings designed to make the most of your jewelry box and your look!  Wear these versatile black bow earrings with your favorite business suit, going out attire or even lingerie set!

Black Bow Earrings | Marie Antoinette Black Pearl Bow Eartyes

Elegance is at your fingertips with these ultra-feminine bow earrings designed to light up your look with beauty and femininity.  The Marie Antoinette black bow earrings are inspired by all things feminine and beautiful.  Wear these flirty little things whenever your heart desires.

love, tara