Manicure Makeover 🎀 Bow Cocktail Rings

Accessorizing can be like a game.  A game of chess.  A game of balancing art and science.  A game of style.  No matter what game you want to play, having a jewelry box that is full of potential, that is versatile allowing you to wear it a variety of ways and having the power to transform any look is what accessorizing is all about.  When it comes to something effortless, when you need something quick, look no further than the Ringtye Collection.   This collection of sensually sweet bow rings designed to highlight any look with femininity and style.  Inspired by strategic accessorizing, this versatile range of bow rings is perfect to wear when you are on the go and need that little bit of extra.  Enjoy accessorizing effortlessly, like it's cocktail hour, when this collection of feminine options.   Makeover your manicure with adjustable bow rings that you can wear on any finger you desire.  Here are 3 bow rings to enjoy anytime you want:

Bow Ring

Feminine Bow Ring | Bombshell Ringtye

Touch any look with a hint of femininity with this simple and classic bow rings that you can wear anywhere your heart desires.  The Bombshell bow rings features a handcrafted satin tye and adjustable bow that is so versatile you might not want to take it off!

Feminine Bow Ring | Do Me Proper Ringtye

Flirt with your femininity in this must have bow ring!  This petite yet powerful bow ring features a handcrafted satin tye that is perfect to wear day in and day out.  Whether you are heading to cocktail hour, the grocery store or into a big meeting, this bow ring has got you.

Feminine Bow Ring | XO Ringtye

Kiss your look with this strategically bold bow ring!  Perfect for a night on the town, this bow ring is sure to make a statement.  Wear it with pink nail polish or a french tip manicure for that extra bit of classic feminine style.  This bow ring features a handcrafted satin tye that gives your look a hint of luxurious femininity.

love tara