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Article: Manicure Makeover: Bow Rings

Bow Ring

Manicure Makeover: Bow Rings

Buff.  Shape.  Polish.  Three simple steps to create a beautiful at-home manicure.  Whatever color, shape and style you decide, it is time to up your manicure game.  You might have seen several manicures online, Pinterest or Instagram, but finding your own unique approach to creating your manicure is an important part of finding your own unique style.  Whether you like sparkles or metallic, simple or detailed, having pretty and perfected nails can give your style a boost.  Adding rings and jewelry to your hands is a beautiful way to give your manicure a makeover.  Here are a few bow rings that will makeover your manicure with sensually sweet style:

Manicure Makeover: Bow Rings Feminine Jewelry


Sweeten your fingertips with the most feminine of accents in this simple and versatile bow ring from the Coax Collection!  This dramatic cocktail bow ring is perfect to wear to work, out on the town or whenever your manicure needs a little sweetness.  Flirt with your fingertips in this adjustable bow ring designed to give you accessorizing sweetness whenever you need it!  


 Give your fingertips the respect they deserve with this flirty and feminine bow ring designed to sweeten your manicure.  This simple and versatile bow ring features a handcrafted satin tye and an adjustable ring band so that you can wear it on whatever finger you desire.  Perfect for a day at work, out with friends or whenever you need a little extra sweetness in your life. 


Crown your fingertips with the sweetness of accents in this layered and beautiful bow ring from the Highness Collection.  This versatile and beautiful bow ring is perfect to add to your next manicure.  This handcrafted bow ring features a layered tye and an adjustable ring band so you can wear it on your next cocktail party or whenever you need to accessorize with sensual sweetness. 



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