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Article: Menswear-Inspired Bow Necklaces

Menswear-Inspired Bow Necklaces

Crossover inspiration from menswear to womenswear happens all the time.  Whether it's accessories, shirts or shoes, playing with different angles and degrees of masculinity and femininity have been a creative tool that many designers play with.  If you want something structured and masculine then there is a traditional male necktie or a structured blazer for that.  If you want something feminine and dainty, there is hair chains and bracelets that are just to your liking.  Turning up the notch on masculinity has a direct relationship with the amount of femininity.  This beautiful inverse relationship can be captured in style.  That is the inspiration with the Bowtye Collection.  Here are a few bow necklaces that you can use to exercise your desire for the masculine or the feminine:

Bow Necklaces

La Sophisticate Bow Necklace 

Delight your decollete with the sweetest of accents in the La Sophisticate bow necklace! This luxuriously feminine bow necklace features a handcrafted satin tye and a lead-free chain and a creamy glass pearl.  Wear this menswear-inspired bow necklace with your favorite business suit, going out attire or lingerie set.  Create a statement that is as versatile as you.  Give your look a sophisticated look.

Do Me Proper Bow Necklace 

Give your neck the respect it deserves with this beautifully feminine bow necklace designed to highlight your neck with sweet femininity.  The Do Me Proper bow necklace features a handcrafted satin tye and a lead-free chain that drapes around the neck with respectable delight.  This bow necklace is perfect to wear under a collared shirt or a tube top to show off your shoulders.  Discover your style with this beautifully feminine bow necklace. 

Chantilly Bow Necklace

Lace your look with the sweetest of accents in this feminine lace bow choker.  This lace choker features a beautiful eyelet lace and a satin ribbon so that you can give any look a hint of femininity.  Two handcrafted satin tyes accent the back of the choker so that you can wear your hair up with a sweet surprise at the back of your neck.  Create a feminine look anytime your hearts desires. 

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