#MicDrop 🎀 Intimate Lingerie Accessories

Have you ever saw something that stopped you in your tracks?  Something that memorized you?  Something that you wanted for yourself so bad?  This lust, this longing and urge is the inspiration behind the intimates collection of leg garters, lingerie harnesses, soft bondage handcuffs, nipple clamps and nipple accessories!  Spice up your boudoir with something completely fresh and sensual with this array of lingerie accessories that will make your next game of strip poker a little more exciting.  Utilizing clean lines with flattering details like satin and pearls, this feminine collection of sensual intimates is the perfect way to enjoy your sensuality again and again.  There is nothing more beautiful than a woman comfortable in her own skin so discover your sensuality again and again with this delightful collection of sensual intimates that are designed to highlight your feminine features with seduction and flirtation.  Here are a few intimate lingerie accessories to consider adding to your boudoir wardrobe:

Intimate Sensual Accessories

Intimate Lingerie Accessories | Bombshell Nipple Clamps 

Be the bombshell that you are with these flirty and sensual nipple accessories designed to light up your most intimate experiences.  The Bombshell nipple clamps feature a soft satin tye with a non-piercing nipple clamp that you can easily put on and take off whenever your heart desires.  No piercing required.

Intimate Lingerie Accessories | Princesa Sparkly Nipple Covers

Sparkle the way you are meant to with these ultra-feminine nipple covers designed to light up your most intimate moments with femininity and beauty.  This handcrafted nipple accessories make the perfect sensual gift that you can reuse again and again thanks to the soft felt backing.  Rediscover your sensuality like the princess you are with these intimate lingerie accessories!

Intimate Lingerie Accessories | Blush Cage Bra

Create a sensual look with anything you wear in this flattering cage bra that is so comfortable you will want to wear it again and again.  The Blush cage bra features soft satin tye accents and an adjustable waist so that you can enjoy sensuality anytime your heart desires.

love, tara