Most Girls: Feminine Jewelry

Tiny dresses.  Mini shirts.  Bronzer.  Most girls celebrate their life with the things they love.  Whether it's the color pink, their boyfriend's hoodie or a family heirloom, life materializes through different objects that signify importance.  Collecting jewelry throughout your life is a glamorous way to fulfill your jewelry box with memories and treasures.  Most girls love to have bold jewelry pieces while others prefer a subtle take on their jewelry accessorizing.  That is why feminine jewelry can range from the bold to the barely-there style.  Here are a few pieces of feminine jewelry you can start collecting to create a beautiful jewelry wardrobe:


Give your look a bit of kittenish sensuality in this flirty and versatile bow choker from the Marie Antoinette Collection!  Featuring a handcrafted velvet choker and handcrafted tye, the Marie Antoinette bow choker is perfect to wear on a night on the town or lounging away in your boudoir.  Celebrate your femininity by adding this simple accent to your everyday staple.  This choker is inspired by vintage beauty and glamorous events that will light up your look with sensual femininity. 

 SECRETS BOW EARRINGS's a secret.  Celebrate your femininity with the simplest of accents in these versatile bow earrings from the Secrets Collection!  Effortlessly stylish and beautifully feminine, these bow earrings are the perfect addition to any look you desire!  These bow earrings feature handcrafted organza tyes and lead-free chain to create a look that you can take with you anywhere this world takes you!


Kiss your style with simplistic feminine details in this ultra-versatile bow bracelet from the Hickey Collection!  This beautifully handcrafted bow bracelet features a satin tye and wristband with a clasp closure.  Wear this bow bracelet with you wherever this world takes you.  You will never get bored with the beautiful feminine and versatile style of this must have bow bracelet!