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Article: Necktie Necklaces for Work and Beyond

Necktie Necklaces for Work and Beyond

Wondering what to wear to work?   This is a common question for most working professionals. Blending current trends while still abiding by the dress code is an important and sometimes challenging concept.   Depending on where you work and how you like to dress for work, there are many different options you might not of thought of before. Exploring different ways to accessorize your current wardrobe will open up new styling opportunities while keeping your costs controllable. Necktie necklaces have come and go. Some have emulated the traditional necktie while others have approached it with a modern and abstract rendering of it. Here are a few necktie necklaces that you can wear to work and beyond.

Necktie Necklaces for Work

Centerfold Necktie Necklace

Where luxury and sophistication collide. The Centerfold necktie necklace demands attention while effortlessly blending into the background of your look. Allow your décolleté experience beauty in luxury with this versatile necktie necklace.   The Centerfold necktie necklace features a creamy glass pearl necklace and lead-free chain so that you can wear it with your favorite suit, cocktail dress or nothing at all.

La Sophisticated Necktie Necklace

Allow your look radiate sophisticated femininity in this flirty necktie necklace designed to give your look a beautiful finish. This simple and elegant necktie necklace is perfect to add to every day look or to that special date. This necktie necklace is so versatile, so might nor what to take it offJ A single pearl adds a touch of feminine elegance.

French Kiss Necktie Necklace

Kiss your neck with the sweetest of the accents in this delightfully feminine necktie necklace from the French Kiss Collection! This simple yet bold necktie necklace is a beautiful way to transform your neckline. Wear this necktie necklace with your favorite collared shirt or a tube top, the choice is all yours with this versatile necktie necklace!

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