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Article: New Accessorizing Ideas

New Accessorizing Ideas

New Year. New Accessorizing Ideas.

It's 2022. With every new year, it is the perfect time to review your current accessorizing wardrobe and see what you want to keep and what you want to change. Maybe it's a new choker, or a new lingerie harness, or even some new heel accessories to style your outdated pumps. Taking a solid inventory of your current accessories will give you more clarity about what to hold onto and what to change up. Whether you want something simple, something sparkly or something versatile, our collections of feminine jewelry and lingerie accessories are a beautiful way to keep your favorite looks fresh and feminine. Ahead are 3 fashion accessories that you should considering heading into this beautiful new year:

XO Ringtye • An Adjustable Bow Ring

Make everything you touch a little sweeter with this handcrafted satin tye bow ring inspired by the passion and beauty of kisses. This loopy and bold cocktail ring is a beautiful way to light up your favorite looks without much commitment nor styling effort. Simply slide this ring on when you want something sweetly stylish.

Heartbreaker Beltye • An Adjustable Chain Bow Belt

This year make it all about contouring. Not just your face. But your body. With the heartbreaker beltye. Inspired by the Heartbreaker in us all, this beautiful adjustable bow belt is a perfect compliment to any look. Wear it to the front, to the back or off to the side for a beautifully feminine statement that you can take anywhere you want to go.

Chantilly Legtyes • Lace Leg Garters

Lace your look with femininity and flirtation in these beautifully feminine leg garters designed to light up your favorite looks. These handcrafted leg garters feature a sparkly eyelet lace and soft satin ribbon accent. Wear under your favorite short skirt, over leggings or with nothing at all. Accessorizing has never been so fresh and feminine.

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