New Blog Post ✨3 Atmospheric Accents for #ValentinesDay

If you are single or taken this Valentine's Day, it is important to acknowledge your environment to see if it fosters love, happiness and joy.  Coming home after a long day or just relaxing around the house, make your sanctuary a beautiful place to foster love. 

Show the love this Valentine's Day with 3 flirty ways to sensualize the atmosphere:

1.  Candlelight

The power of fire is a great way to ignite your atmosphere with love, romance and beauty.  Light a candle when you are taking a bake or when you are taking moments to yourself or turning your attention to your loved one.  The soft radiance that candles emit will instantly soothe the environment.

2.  Scents

Lavender, vanilla, ylang-ylang, choose a relaxing scent that your enjoy an spread it around your home for a sensory experience.  Try a crisp mint scent to clear your mind and to allow space for love.

3.  Lighting

Lighting is a powerful tool used to help define the atmosphere.  Add a seductive tone instantly by simply dimming the lights.