New Intimates Coming in June🎀

Tomorrow is the beginning of June.  The month that summer officially begins.  The month where we decide what items to keep and what items to purge.  Whenever the season is changing, it's always a good thing to review what you have in your wardrobe and mix it up a bit.  This month, something new is coming to  But, before that happens, this blog post is all about the inspiration behind the new arrivals.  Using inspiration from fitness, music and Pinterest, there are so many designs that await to come to you.  Whether you want something bold or something dainty, there is something for everyone this month.  New Intimates are a great way to dress up any look, whether you add them to a dress, a business suit or a lingerie set, having sensual and feminine intimates is a beautiful way to transform your look.  And that is why this June there will be four new Bodtyes Lingerie Harnesses coming to!  Here is a quick look at the inspiration behind the new designs:

The Bra Lingerie Harness

Bra Lingerie Harness Sensual Feminine Intimates

Just look at all these options.  What one do you like best?  These are beautifully inspiring images that capture the versatility and design aesthetic of lingerie harnesses.  Whether you want to wear these sensual intimates to work, with a deep plunging shirt or dress for a night out, or simply when you want to add a spark of sensuality to your look.  It is easy to see why lingerie harnesses and sensual intimates have become so popular.  Their ease of accessorizing and the impact it makes on your styling can vary from cheeky to dramatic.  Enjoy a little flirtation in your look with a variety of lingerie harnesses.

The Tuxedo Look

Tuxedo Lingerie Harness Feminine Sensual Intimates

In order to develop the best range of products, we took a look at our own archives to rediscover own styles that we initially purged but decided to resurrect them again.  And one of those designs is the Tuxedo Lingerie Harness.  This design dates back to 2013 but still holds that original look that is undeniably feminine and beautifully versatile.  Look for its lastest twist and sexy relaunch coming in June!  Be sure to sign up to be a #tyesbytara newsletter insider to get a first glimpse at all the amazingness coming in June!