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Article: Nipple Clamps 🎀 The Sensual Way to Accessorize

Nipple Clamps 🎀 The Sensual Way to Accessorize

Accessorize with sensuality, style, and seduction with something you might have not considered in the past.  With something that you might have overlooked or not even known about.  This accessory is nipple clamps.  Yes, nipple clamps.  Those awkward tweezer things are a thing of the past tho.  You're invited to explore nipple clamps that don't hurt but deliver sensations, that are cute and feminine not made of steel and look like something from the doctor's office.  The Niptyes Collection of nipple clamps is designed for those who want something different from the intimate accessory wardrobe that doesn't require the commitment of a piercing and that is affordable and flirty.  Perhaps sensual accessorizing is defined by not what you wear but how you wear it.  Discovering new ways to accent your curves and celebrate your femininity can be found by accessorizing with the Niptyes Collection.  Here are a few nipple clamps to keep in your intimate accessory wardrobe:

Nipple Clamps

Bombshell Nipple Clamps

Discover the sweetest of sensations with these handcrafted satin nipple clamps designed to highlight your femininity with playfulness and flirtation.  Inspired by the pinup models in 1950s magazines, these nipple clamps are designed to give your look glamour, femininity, and sensuality.  Discover new ways to flirt with these undeniably feminine nipple accessories made to elicit the bombshell in you.

Marie Antoinette Nipple Clamps 

Experience luxury and sensuality with the Marie Antoinette Niptyes nipple clamps designed to celebrate your curves with sensuality.  Experience the magic of the sweetest of sensations by clamping these nipple clamps onto your nipples.  Wear them with your favorite boudoir outfit for your next striptease or around the house when you are feeling yourself.  

Teddy Nipple Clamps

Delight your style with sultry sweetness in this necklace nipple clamp duo!  Wear this sultry little accessory under a sheer shirt, with high-waisted panties or perhaps nothing at all.  Enjoy your sensuality and celebrate your femininity with these ultra-feminine accessories designed to make you discover all the amazing ways you can accessorize your look. 



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