Nipple Cover Adhesives: Which One is Best?

A striptease.  A burlesque performance.  A night out.  Whatever your reason for wearing nipple covers, it is time to enjoy your feminine assets.  These sensual accessories are fun to wear and give you the freedom to explore new styles and establish your personal style boundaries.  There are so many different styles of nipple covers, like stickers, reusables and petals that deciding the right nipple cover for you is important.  If you are looking for a more decorative approach to your sensuality, the Pastyes Nipple Covers collection is a beautiful and feminine choice.  When it comes to adhering your nipple covers, however; there are a lot of questions and concerns.  Which kind of adhesive is best?  How long does it last?  Does it hurt?  These are all excellent questions that need to be addressed before placing those beautiful nipple covers on, girl!  We care for your nipples and want them to enjoy the experience as much as you!  So here is the lowdown on the different kinds of adhesives that you can explore before your next striptease:

Invitation Nipple Covers Sparkly Sensual Intimate Accessories


So this one is pretty standard.  There is a double-sided tape that is skin safe so you can wear your sparkly sensual intimates around without the fear of them falling off!  This adhesive is available with every Pastyes purchase, so that you can simply adhere them to the back of your pastyes to reuse time and time again.  This method can be a little painful though, so make sure you cut out a hole in the middle of the disc so that it doesn't touch the most sensitive part of your nipple. 


So, you know, Latex.  If your skin isn't bothered by latex, than maybe this is an option for you.  Simply place the latex glue on the back of your nipple covers and hold against your breast until the nipple covers adhere.  If your skin is sensitive, you might want to explore other options as latex can irritate skin and it may not smell the best. 


This one is really so awesome.  Honey.  This tastefully sticky substance that doesn't hurt and might add to a little flirtatious foreplay to your life.  Simply pour on some honey to the back of your reusable nipple covers and give it a go.  You might be surprised and you will definitely taste sweet.  Staying power may be questionable, but give it a try.  Wear nipple covers have never been sweeter.