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Article: On The Catwalk 🎀 Heel Accessories

On The Catwalk 🎀 Heel Accessories

It's summer out and it's time to go places.  Whether you are going out with friends, walking to work or just taking Mr. Fluff around the block, it's time to consider upping your shoe game.  You should be confident, comfortable and relaxed when you are going places, so enjoy a little style a long the way!  The Heeltyes Collection of feminine heel accessories is designed to light up each step with style and versatility.  Wear them all year around so that you can accessorize with femininity effortlessly.  These flirty heel accessories are perfect to wear around your heels, as anklets or even around your calves for a hint of sensuality.  You don't necessarily need to invest in new shoes this summer, just new heel accessories.  No matter where this world takes you, make everywhere your catwalk with these feminine heel accessories.  Here are a few heel accessories you should consider next time you step out of your house and into the catwalk of life:

Feminine Heel Accessories

Feminine Accessories || Hickey Heel Accessories

Flirt with your style in these simple and sweet heel accessories designed to make each step a little sweeter.  These feminine heel accessories feature handcrafted satin tyes and a soft elastic band so that you can wear them all day and all night.  Enjoy style and versatility with these flirty and feminine heel accessories!

Feminine Accessories || Goddess Heel Accessories

Be the Goddess that you are with these sparkly and seductive heel accessories designed to make your look evocatively feminine.  These heel accessories feature sparkly elastic straps and handcrafted tyes to give your look a unique and feminine twist.  Wear these flirty heel accessories with your favorite high heels or sandals to give your style that hint of extra.

Feminine Accessories || Lady Heel Accessories  

Be the lady that you are with these ultra-feminine heel accessories designed to make your style unique and feminine.  These sexy and feminine accessories feature a soft and intricate elastic that encircles your heels, your calves or even your ankles for a feminine finish that is undeniably irresistible. 

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