Pearl Headband: How To Wear Your French Kiss Tyera

When it comes to accessorizing, having versatile accessories is an easy way to style and a smart way to invest in your accessory wardrobe.  Whether you are looking for a necklace, a bracelet or even a feminine hair chain, having accessories that multi-task is pretty awesome.  Not to mention to kind of get a 3 in one or a 2 in one kinda deal.  Light up your imagination and your look with different ways you can style and accessorize.  Whether you are looking for an elegant finish or want something original and fun, having feminine accessories to elevate your look is always great to have in your jewelry box.  Take, for example, the French Kiss Tyera pearl headband.  This simple design has a strong application for a variety of uses. Whether you are heading out with some friends for a night on the town or going into the office for that big meeting, accessorizing every moment with femininity and elegance with this versatile pearl headband.  Here are a few ways that you can style your French Kiss Tyera pearl headband:

 French Kiss Pearl Headband

 As A Pearl Choker

 Wearing your french kiss pearl choker is fun, elegant and feminine.  The super long satin tyes will give you the versatility to wear it at the length that you desire.  Wear it tight around the neck as a choker or low around the chest like a necklace.  You can even tye the ribbon and let it dangle from the side for an extra flirtatious touch.  Whatever you decide to do with this versatile feminine accessory, you will find style and elegance with every look you pair it with.

French Kiss Pearl Headband

As a Pearl Headband Hair Chain

Create a beautiful hairstyle over and over again with this simple and feminine pearl bow headband designed to make any look feminine and luxurious.  This pearl bow headband features dainty pearl link chain and luxurious long satin tyes that wrap around the head like a tiara or around more like a wrap.  Stir up your imagination with a variety of looks that will highlight any hairstyle with elegance and femininity.  Perfect for your next festival or nature walk, allow the French Kiss Tyera pearl hair chain go with you wherever you go.