Poise & Posture 🎀 A Feminine Anklet Guide

How you walk can say a lot about you.  Really.  If you walk with your shoulders in, heart protected and head down, you are not very approachable, now are you?  We do this more often than you think.  When we are on our phones, at work or just wanting to shut the world out after a long day at work.  But it's okay.  It's okay to walk that way.  But there is something better.  A way to break out of the mold and walk with poise, posture, confidence and style.  And the Ankletye Collection is designed to help you do exactly that. This collection of versatile anklets will take your walk from boring to the catwalk.  Make each step count with these delightfully feminine anklets designed to make every step a little more confident.  Whether you are going to a big business meeting or just going out with friends, having a walk that says you are worth it can change your attitude, your outlook and your life.  And it all starts with something small.  Like a flicker that turns into a fire.  Transform your walk with these feminine anklets designed to make you the best version of you:

Feminine Anklets

Feminine Accessories || Coax Anklet

Delight each step with this simple and seductively feminine bow anklet designed to go with you wherever you go!  This flirty and feminine bow anklet features a handcrafted satin tye and lead-free chain so that you can wear it all day and all night.  Let your style shine with femininity, poise and posture with this must-have bow anklet!

Feminine Accessories || Invitation Anklet

Interject a little sweetness into your style with this bondage-inspired bow anklet designed to bring a unique accent to your look.  This handcrafted bow anklet features a soft elastic fit and flirty satin tye so that you can step with style every time.  This bow anklet is perfect for a night out or whenever you need a little femininity in your look.

 Feminine Accessories || Vice Anklet

What's your vice?  Introduce some femininity into your look with this ultra-seductive bow anklet designed to make the most of your look.  Wear this flirty bow anklet with your favorite dress, shorts or even lingerie set.  Designed to give you the confidence boost you need in a world that needs your shine.