Prim & Proper Feminine Jewelry

Jewelry is like icing on the cake.  The punctation to your look.  The details that make your look rememberable.  Having feminine jewelry in your jewelry box is an easy and beautiful way to create a prim and proper look.  Deciding what to buy and wear can be tricky though.  With a plethora of different options, it can be overwhelming.  In an effort to guide your decision-making, having a list of criteria will help you narrow down the options and give you the decision-making power that will make you confident in your selection.  This criterion can be wearability, versatility and price.  Wearability can be gauged by whether or not you will want to wear it a lot or not a lot.  Will you wear it to work and out afterwards?  Is it comfortable?  When looking at the versatility of a piece of feminine jewelry you might want to ask yourself, where you will wear it?  Does It go with my wardrobe?  Or is it too trendy to wear a lot?  And the final criteria you will want to analyze is the price.  Is the piece of feminine jewelry worth the price.  This can depend on how much you like the piece of jewelry and if you are willing to pay for it.  Here are a few suggestions that you might want to consider when selecting feminine jewelry:

Feminine Jewelry Bow Necklace

Do Me Proper Bow Necklace 

This bow necklace is a beautiful and affordable way to create a polished statement over and over again.  This handcrafted necklace features a handcrafted satin tye and lead-free chain so that you can comfortably wear it all day or all night.  Place it under a white collared shirt or wear it with your favoite little black dress.  There is so much versatility in this bow necklace, you will not get bored.

Gossip Necktie Necklace

Suit up in style with this necktie-inspired necktie necklace designed to make your style look feminine and chic.  The Gossip Necktie Necklace features lead-free chain and a dainty glass pearl detail that you can wear with anything your heart desires.  Perfect to wear with your favorite low-cut dress or lingerie set, this beautiful piece of feminine jewelry is an easy choice.

Duchess Bow Bracelet

Nothing says feminine style quite like the Duchess bow bracelet.  This bow bracelet features a handcrafted tulle tye and soft elastic bracelet cuff with a clasp closure.  Wear it to work, out with friends or whenever your heart desires.  Inspired by all things feminine, this bow bracelet is a classic that you can keep in your jewelry box and wear it anytime you want to feel like the Duchess that you are.